Online Agreement can prevent Online Membership Disputes

Online memberships, through an Online Agreement, have become a common way to offer exclusive content, deals, and opportunities to members in exchange for a monthly or annual fee. As consumers expect everything to be available at their fingertips, companies have evolved from offering ‘brick & mortar’ memberships to online memberships.

For example, newspapers and magazines were once delivered to your door. Now you can subscribe to specialty newspapers and magazines, and you can access them anytime, from anywhere.

Other Types of Online Memberships

The internet has also paved the way for advanced, collaborative business software. When software was first being developed, consumers could purchase a license for software for a flat fee. However, software companies have found that offering a membership to the software is more lucrative.
This is because it lowers the initial investment that consumers must pay – $19.99/month seems more affordable than a $1200.00 flat rate.
Thus, the company sells more products. Secondly, the company continues to charge for the membership long past the $1200.00 valuation. In addition to software, companies and entrepreneurs are offering memberships for courses, lead generation, societies, and accreditations, among other things.

Online Agreement to Prevent Membership Disputes

An Online Agreement is a formal contract between the company offering an online membership and the member. The deal is usually one-sided, favoring the online business. Members usually cannot negotiate the terms of the contract; they agree to the contract or not.

An Online Agreement should include the services that will be given in exchange for the membership, registration requirements, expectations of use, and membership fees.

To get started forming your Online Membership Agreement, fill out this fillable template.