There are several ways to find a speaker for your conference, depending on the level of expertise you want

If you are hosting a conference, the speaker is usually the main event. But before you can find a speaker, you will need to know the topic of your conference. The speaker will then need to fit the required credentials to speak on the subject.
But how do you go about finding a qualified speaker?

Your Local University

Your local university houses experts in several disciplines. Tenured professors can share a range of knowledge in a specific field. Often, universities will host speakers of their own for the students. You may be able to find upcoming speakers that could be a good fit for your conference.

Search Your LinkedIn Contacts

LinkedIn is a powerful tool for finding professional connections and experts in any field. No matter what specific your conference topic is, you can undoubtedly find a first or second connection that can talk on the topic. If they can’t speak, then they can probably refer you to someone that can. You might even try searching for speakers in the search bar.

Visit Your Chamber of Commerce

Your local chamber of commerce is a great source for business professionals. The chamber of commerce will most likely have a directory of businesses that you can search. You can contact relevant firms and ask if they would be interested in speaking. Most businesses would appreciate the opportunity to get extra exposure to the community.

Once you secure a speaker, you will want to complete a Speaking Engagement Agreement which lays out your expectations of the speaker. First, the agreement ensures that the speaker will show up. Second, if the speaker is getting paid to speak, then it will outline the payment terms.