Do you need permission to share a blog post on your Facebook page?

Facebook is a part of most people’s lives today, therefore the information that flows through the social media site is immeasurable. However, social media users rarely consider the consequences of how they share a blog post since it seems so commonplace. There are, nevertheless, measures they can take to protect themselves and their work when it comes to violating copyright laws.

Share a blog post on Facebook

Most people don’t give a second thought to sharing others’ work online, especially when they share a blog post. However, one’s work is still one’s own, and an individual has the right to claim legal ownership over their work. To be on the safe side when it comes to sharing blog posts on a professional or commercial site, one may want to take some precautions, like requesting or offering an intellectual property permission letter.

Drafting an intellectual property permission letter

By drafting a property permission letter, a writer is claiming ownership of their work. Although social media users may not realize it, other people’s work may well be their life’s work, and therefore they may be entitled to a fee or certain terms. One can simply let people know that their work requires permission to be used, or, if a person intends to use someone else’s work, they should simply ask first. A property permission letter should state the description of the content’s use as well as the limitations of its distribution.

In matters of artistic appropriation, asking first is always best. Most authors are happy to share a blog post but would also prefer to know its destination and intent. It is important to always err on the side of caution by asking permission first and exchanging the proper documentation.