Get a nanny who speaks a foreign language so that the baby learns two languages from a very young age

Studies have proven it and parents have seen it firsthand: giving kids an immersive education into another language does more than just shape their future resume – it helps to create neural flexibility and adaptability. And now, parents are turning to au-pair and nanny who speaks a foreign language to supplement this learning environment.

Why More Parents are Hiring a Nanny Who Speaks a Foreign Language

When it comes to hiring a nanny who speaks a foreign language, the benefits to both children and parents are undeniable. Families who hire a nanny who speaks a foreign language can experience added perks. First off, children can build their empathy and sense of diversity by being exposed, through the learning of a language, to another culture. It is a cost-effective way to have children learn a language and practice on an ongoing basis. And, if the nanny is hired at early infancy stage, children can start speaking at their most impressionable and important early development stages.

Giving Children More Than Just a Leg Up

There was a point in time when hiring a nanny who speaks a foreign language would have been seen as less desirable. But as the world has globalized, there is now a preference for having a nanny who speaks a foreign language who can further a child’s educational development. Bilingual or multilingual children do better at complex tasks such as processing contradictory information presented in ways that require breaking facts down. The flexibility of a child’s thinking expands from linguistic capability to other spheres like science and math. This neural elasticity helps them form better and more innovative connections.

Of course, hiring foreign (versus domestic) help is always a tricky issue. In these cases, it’s best to work with agencies who specialize in linking families with foreign domestic workers. This is not only to ensure the right familial match but to make sure that the paperwork on each party’s end is in sound shape.