Why you should try living together as a couple before marriage

Don’t Say “Yes” to the Dress Before Living Together

A relationship is only as strong as the conflicts it goes through. Before saying “I do”, it may help to first say, “We’re moving!” Though the jury is deadlocked on this one, many say co-habiting is a useful indicator of what marriage with a significant other might be like.

Why Living Together as a Couple Could Be the Prelude to a Great Feature

Living together as a couple is not a decision to be made lightly – but as far as smart decisions go, this one is up there. As long as the couple has no religious incentive not to, cohabiting as a precursor to marriage could give the relationship a testing grounds of sorts. How does the couple deal with daily routine? Can they work out conflicts amicably? Relationship counselors who work with co-habiting couples say that tackling domestic situations before wedding bells are heard, can really help to foster trust and communication between two partners.

What You Need to Know Before Living Together

In order to keep things equal and amicable, the two partners should discuss small details including the division of household chores as well as bigger details – such as taxes. If the couple is putting a down payment on a jointly-owned home from personal savings, a legal contract could help outline what kind of protection each partner could expect if dissolution should occur. Since finances come under the microscope when living together as a couple, budgets can be a useful tool to help maintain small, monthly expenses (such as groceries and utilities) as well as deciding how much income goes towards savings.

Unmarried couples without the legal protection of marriage should learn to communicate their common priorities to each other, or seek legal counsel for their specific situation. Living together as a couple centers around mutual choice, and it is all about negotiating and planning for the future.