There’s no better way to learn French than by spending some time in France!

Starting to learn French in a classroom or online is a great way to begin but to really get the flavor of the French language, spending real time in the target country and its people is considered the most effective way to learn a language.

How Traveling To France Will Assist Language Acquisition

Anyone who has invested their time learning French and really wants to boost their fluency skills will find a trip to France immensely rewarding. Traveling to France may seem intimidating who hasn’t yet perfected their French language skills, but most people would agree that it is an enriching experience and gives a learner a fresh perspective. After taking the time to experience the culture and the people, it is not uncommon to pick up on subtle differences in pronunciation and to pick up new and interesting vocabulary. Learning by doing is a common learning method that works for a large percentage of people as memories and experience are directly connected to the language.

To Learn French in France, Have The Right Mindset

All work and no play will not make for an enjoyable vacation. It’s important not to forget to soak up the culture just as much as the language. So plan to visit some of the sights, wander around the Louvre and the famed Eiffel Tower, but be prepared to make the effort to speak French. Plan prepared phrases for even the smallest of details, such as purchasing tickets or asking and following directions. Starting small and building up to conversations will help to soothe any immediate jitters that all French learners experience. Engaging with the locals in as many situations as possible will be the most effective to practice and perfect language skills, but the person learning French will need to be bold and take the first step. Mistakes will be made and that is totally natural, it also happens to be a great way to learn! Some expressions are so interwoven with the culture, a French student just has to be there to really get it and to be in the right mindset to seek and soak up this new knowledge.

Traveling to France is certainly worth the time invested for anyone who is committed to their effort to learn French. Cultural exposure and hands-on practice will provide far more context than a textbook or online tutorial ever could. Good preparation and willingness to try are key!