Tying The Knot: Mandatory Formalities In The Case Of Marriage

All couples wishing to get married must fulfill various requirements before they can have a wedding. The rules, regulations and requirements vary from state to state, and from country to country. The most important legal document is the marriage license.

The Validity of the Marriage License

This license stands only for a limited period of time. Most states allow between one to two months, while it may be a little longer in other states. Couples intending to tie the knot need to figure out everything before obtaining the license to avoid running out of time. However, most couples often have prior arrangements for the wedding ceremony, and may take the license one or two weeks to the wedding day. It is good practice to finalize the wedding arrangements before obtaining this legal document, hoping that nothing will stand in the way of the wedding before the license expires.

Commonly Required Documents for the Marriage License

A couple needs to submit certain documents before the state can process the marriage license. These requirements are similar for both US and non-US citizens, although they may be different depending on the issuing state law. Nevertheless, all states will require the IDs of the couple with a passport photo, accompanied by their respective birth certificates. They also need to provide proof of residence, as well as medical test results. Widows and widowers will need to provide death certificates while divorcees must surrender the divorce degree. Finally, the couple needs to avail evidence that they have paid the license processing fee.

Couples intending to wed must understand and fulfill all the legal requirements to avoid complications before or after the wedding. The most important document is the marriage license affidavit, and the marrying partners need to avail all the required documentation for its processing. The license has a limited validity period, so they would need to finalize the wedding arrangements before applying for it.