Don’t Get Trapped By A Subscription Contract

Given the rise of online shopping in recent years, consumers often end up stumbling into a subscription contract they perhaps did not anticipate, and then they find it difficult to get out of them. The lure of free trials often leads people to commit to a product or service that they soon realize doesn’t meet their needs or that they simply no longer wish to use. It is important that a person’s their consumer rights and how to act quickly when they wish to cancel a subscription contract.

Understanding a Subscription Contract

When signing up for a free trial, it is important to know exactly what you are signing up to and for how long. Free trials have an expiration date after which the company will begin charging that user for their services. Consumers should not rely on the company to remind them of the end of the trial period, it is crucial to note down the exact end date of the trial and research what the termination conditions are. Many companies require advanced notice of termination, otherwise, the user’s subscription will simply be automatically renewed, meaning they will be forced to pay. But bear in mind that subscriptions are a two-way street. If a consumer feels that the service or product they have been offered doesn’t meet the required standards, they have a legal right to dispute any contractual obligations.

How to Walk Away from a Subscription

Contracts are only binding if conditions are met, therefore if a person is unsatisfied with a product or service they’ve subscribed to, they ought to contact the company in writing to demand a refund. They should save any receipts or documentation related to the subscription contract to demand cancellation. Also, if there is an exchange of goods, such as a cable box or modem, all packaging and equipment must be saved, in resellable condition, so that these can be returned upon cancellation of the subscription contract.

As with all consumer transactions, customer satisfaction must be first and foremost. The ever-growing list of goods and services available to us make it easy to fall into unfortunate contractual agreements, therefore it is important that consumers know their rights and responsibilities when it comes to entering into a contractual agreement with a company. When in doubt, it is best to seek legal advice if a consumer feels their right are being abused.