How to Get Your Employer to Let You Work a Second Job

Working two jobs can be tough, but it is not impossible. We hear of people picking up ‘side gigs’ all the time while still keeping their full-time jobs.
Your last Uber driver might have a full-time job and just drive for Uber after work and on the weekends. For the average American, it seems like we need to pick up a side gig just to pay the bills.
With no extra time in our already busy lives, it seems impossible to get more jobs to do.
But a letter to request flexible working hours may make it possible to work two jobs.

Whether you are getting more jobs to do in order to pay the bills or to take care of your children, these tips will help you write a Request for a Flextime Schedule:

Tip 1: Making it About the Employer – Your employer will want to know how a Flextime Schedule will benefit the company. You can include points such as it will reduce recruiting costs by attracting competent employees who react to incentives as well as retain employees.

Tip 2: Include How You Will Benefit – Your employer will also want to know why you are requesting a Flextime and how you will benefit from it. One point you can include is that it will reduce time wasted commuting and therefore increase productivity. You might be requesting Flextime to allow more time for day to day tasks. Include whatever reasons you have for making the request.

Tip 3: Propose the Requested Schedule – Employers are more likely to accept your request if you outline a reasonable way to make it work. Although they may still accept your request without a schedule, having a tangible schedule allows for negotiation.