How to Complain about a Noisy Neighbor

If a tenant has a noisy neighbor, they may feel as though they are not getting the time to themselves as they deserve. However, tenants may be able to change their situation by complaining about the noise to the appropriate authorities after a little bit of research.

Are Loud Neighbors Breaking the Law?

No matter the nature of the noisy neighbor, there is a strong chance that they are breaking a law. Before tenants seek landlord assistance, it is a good idea to take a look at some of the local laws to find out what constitutes valid a noise complaint. Some laws may vary from city to city, but generally there are some common arguements to watch out for. If the neighbors play music too loudly or have friends over at odd hours at night, tenants may have grounds to file a formal complaint and address the issue before it ruins their rental experience.

What Can a Tenant Do About a Noisy Neighbor?

Usually, the tenant can resolve the issue by speaking to the neighbors themselves. However, if this does not prove to be effective, the landlord’s responsibilities include taking care of noise complaints before they have the chance to get out of hand. Almost every lease agreement has a clause dedicated to noise disturbance, and if a tenant is breaking their agreement, the landlord can speak with them to ensure that they following their lease agreement as required. Depending on how many times the landlord has to intervene, the noisy neighbor may be subject to any number of penalties, including fining and eviction.

It is strongly recommended for all tenants to read up on their lease agreement and to contact their landlord if there is a problem regarding certain terms. Defining reasonable hours and noisy conditions can be difficult, but planning ahead according to concrete laws and terms is the best way to approach the situation, especially if it has become a regular problem.