Opt for a home share for a bigger place

For many renters, the rising cost of apartment rentals has created the need to find roommates with whom to share the cost of leasing an apartment. Also, many current residents find that making ends meet is often difficult, so they wisely opt to find someone to home share with.

Why home shares can be positive

The upside of a home share is that it can afford people the opportunity to rent a bigger property with more amenities. In big cities, many residents are reduced to living in tiny apartments to get by. But if they enjoy the company of others, or even entertaining, a larger place can offer a better living experience. When they set out to find a place, they may consider first finding someone with whom to home share. This way, their possibilities are greatly enhanced.

Signing a sublease agreement

If the primary signer is the principal tenant, a sublease agreement is a trustworthy safeguard when it comes to their own leasing responsibilities. Rather than simply having a verbal agreement, one should put it in writing. A future roommate should know what the concrete expectations are in terms of rent payment dates, house sharing rules, and how to split the utility costs. By signing a legally binding document, a renter will not only protect their own interests, but also ensure a more respectful living situation. They can have the document signed before witnesses who can attest to its validity, or they can choose to have it notarized. They can also check with a legal expert if they have any doubts.

So, after a renter has found someone with whom to share the costs, thereby affording to enjoy a larger home, they should put their commitments in writing to avoid future misunderstandings.