Official complaints concerning the behavior of a next-door neighbor

One’s neighbor can be a real lifeline… or the bane of one’s existence. Maybe the neighbor in question is like Jekyll and Hyde; they’ve got their good days and bad. However, a living space is a home, and not a battleground for constantly dealing with an on-again-off-again next-door neighbor. Even in domestic situations, everyone has rights and it’s time to know and use them.

Dealing with a Next-Door Neighbor on Your Own

There’s a delicate balance to preserve here; on the one hand, no one wants to be pushy and demanding, but needing a neighbor to deal with their trash on their own lawn or reduce the noise on Friday nights is not unreasonable. After all, neighbors have to live beside each other and, oftentimes, it can be useful to rely on a next-door neighbor after a particularly bad snowstorm or if the house needs looking after when on vacation. If the plan is to take legal action, of course it’s best to establish a paper trail right away. In these cases, there are notices or letters that can be drafted to lodge an official noise complaint legally ask the offending party to cease the activity. Many community centers and city council offices offer “mediation kits” and services where neighbors can air grievances, either through filing forms or in a town hall meeting. Whether speaking to them directly or through a letter, communication is the name of the game when it comes to establishing boundaries and asserting one’s rights when it comes to noisy neighbors.

Escalating Issues Further

Sometimes, the issues with a next-door neighbor go far past simple “noise”. A next-door neighbor might be involved in illicit activity that occurs around the neighborhood, be the source of street racing in neighborhood lanes late at night or keep dogs that are not properly trained and leashed. When one’s safety comes into question, action has to be taken. While a city or town might have their own specific by-laws stating procedures for taking action for this kind of behavior, there is a general understanding that any activity that comes under criminal jurisdiction can be followed. This would be not just with legal writs, but also with the help of neighborhood law enforcement.