Renting out Your House to Earn Extra Income and Meet Celebrities

Are you looking for a new way to earn extra income? You could try renting out your house for three to four times the amount you would get from Airbnb. Then you should consider renting out your house for a tv series or movie production.
If your concerned that your house is not modern enough for television, location scouts are looking for all types of houses for various productions. Besides making extra money to pay your mortgage, you may even get to meet a Hollywood star.

How Much Will I Earn by Renting Out My House for a Movie?

Depending on the scale of the production, you could earn between $1000 – $3000 per day for renting out your house. A typical shoot averages three days, leaving you with a total of $3000 – $9000 per shoot. Of course, you will have to give up your space and privacy for a few days, but for most people, the tradeoff is well worth it.

How to List Your House to Be Found by Location Scouts?

Listing your house involves taking pictures of the interior and exterior, posting the pictures online, and waiting for a location scout to contact you. The most popular listing sites for renting out your house are Reel Locations or Locations Hub. After listing your home, you should start preparing an Event Agreement & Waiver to set out the rules and expectations for the production company.

Although film crews are usually pretty good about putting things back the way they were, you should still legally protect yourself in case anything happens. An Event Agreement & Waiver is also used to set the payment expectations. Preparing a draft of this document in advance will save you time down the road.
If you have already posted your house for rent online, start drafting an Event Agreement & Waiver with this free template.