Ask for the suppression of defamatory images without anything to release

The internet has given people the power to abuse, harass, and implicate written and verbal attacks on anyone online. If someone becomes a victim of harassment and finds defamatory images or content relating to them online, a cease and desist letter should be sent to the perpetrator asking them to stop and discontinue their use of the images and to delete all offensive or defamatory text they have posted online.

What to Include in a Cease and Desist Letter

When demanding the suppression of defamatory images or text, the cease and desist letter must claim the infringement of the victim’s intellectual property through the posting of libelous and/or slanderous statements all over the internet. The letter must also provide specific details summarizing the ways in which the victim been harmed including (but not limited to) mental, emotional, physical and financial distress caused. Furthermore, the letter must be resolute and notify the perpetrator that if the suppression of defamatory images or text is not done within a specified allotted time/by a date specified in the letter, they will be subject to a lawsuit.

Suppression of Defamatory Images or Text: Libel, Slander and Copyright Infringement

Defamatory images with text, letters or public comments on blog posts, media sites or chat rooms are considered libelous under the law. Opprobrious videos with audible defamatory remarks on YouTube or on other sites are considered slanderous. When photos of you are posted online without your permission, copyright infringement comes into play and may be used in conjunction with libel and slander laws. Protect yourself with a cease and desist letter when demanding the suppression of defamatory images or text and seek legal assistance.