How to Drastically Improve Your Website Design to Attract More Customers

In 2019, your website design will most likely be the first impression of your business that customers see. A well-designed website is key to a successful online business. Small and medium-sized companies often fail to transition into the online economy because their website lacks a professional and modern look. Customers are quick to steer clear of poorly designed websites in fear of their credit card information being stolen or their product never arriving.

There is more to website design than just choosing a color scheme and posting a few pictures. Businesses that have the highest conversion rates and that attract the most returning customers strategically design their website to do so by following the website design marketing model.

Website Design Marketing Model

Attract – The first step is to include content that grabs your visitor’s attention. If you can’t pull your visitor in, then you can’t convince them to buy your product or service. Your website should include headlines and images that pop out at the visitor and makes them want to find out more.

Inform – The second step is to inform or educate your visitor about your product or service. Let your visitor know about the problem your product or service will solve. Be sure to answer critical questions that a customer may have. How is your product different? How does your product work? In this step, you are trying to gauge interest and build confidence rather than convincing the visitor to buy.

Engage – The third step is to relate the content to the visitor. Tell the visitor how she or he could benefit from your product or service. How will your product make life easier? What is your value proposition? It is important not to exaggerate the capabilities of your product or service because the customer will be disappointed and ask for a refund.

React – The final step is to get your visitor to react by performing a pre-determined ‘call-to-action.’ Your call-to-action may vary depending on your overall marketing strategy. For an e-commerce site, the call-to-action may be to click on and buy the product. For a service-based website, the call-to-action may be to request a quote or make a user account. Your conversion rate is measured by the number of visitors who complete your call-to-action.

A professional web designer can help you lay out a website that follows the website design marketing model.

If you have found a graphic designer to build your website, then take the next step and fill out a Graphic Design Agreement. This simple-to-use template will save you time and help you increase your conversion rate quicker.